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New Intense Pulsed Light is the best way to improve the inflamation, output of fatty material inside the glands and has antimicrobial effect. The Ideal treatment for Dry Eye

The indicence of Dry Eye varies between 18,9% and 72% of the population and in most cases, over 80%, is due to a dysfunction of the meibomiand glands (MGD).

¿How does it works?

  • Stimulates circulation and improves inflammation (Ceylan 2004 y Enwemeka 2004).
  • Microcoagulation of telangiectasias of palpebral edge and neovascularization surrounding the meibomian glands (Jiang 2016).
  • Activates the production of prostaglandins with antiinflammatory effect (Bjordal 2006 y Nesterdstad 2015).
  • Stimulates and recoveries meibocytes increasing ATP productions (Cameron 2009) and acceletares cell metabolism (Smith 1991, Fulop 2006 y Amid 2014).
  • Direct antibacterial effect (Nusbaum 2002) and indirect antibacterial effect by stimulating the emergence of macrophages and bacterial phagocytic activity (Plaja 2003).
  • Stimulates the fibroblasts, increasing mucopolusaccharides and collagen synthesis and helps tissue regeneration (Wuddruff 2004 y Plaja 2003).